Millionhere is about you.

To empower people to win in the most easiest and fastest way.

We aim to create a world where everyone, and anyone, can win. Through a skill-based gaming platform where real people play to win real cash and prizes.

It is where your ability to play using your basic skills meets your desire to win.

Our vision is to use gaming and notions of fair play to make people believe that there are level playing fields, where every individual is the same. And on any given day, it is truly the best person that wins.

And on their day, they will be that one person.

For the millions out there, the time to win is now.
And the place to win is here.

We are not building a company. We are starting a movement.

And we areā€¦


Sachin Verma

Co-founder, Growth and Product

Result-driven entrepreneur with over 16 years of global experience and broad background in advisory roles and business ownership; deep-rooted love for design, technology, and intelligent products to drive innovation, fuel growth and create a big impact.


Anoop Roy Kundal

Co-founder, Technology

Entrepreneur engineer with 18+ years of hands-on experience in developing, deploying and running enterprise and consumer platforms in established and early-stage companies in India and outside; IIT-Delhi alumnus with a deep passion for mobile ecosystems and trends.

Join us.

Help us build the movement as we make winning a habit.

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While you're reading. Someone's winning.