Trust is earned when actions meet words.

Take our word for it. Or read a few.

One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised. And on Millionhere, we don’t compromise.

To earn your respect, we knew we had to respect your privacy. And protect your personal information as if it was the only thing we were here to do.


Equal Prospects

Everybody is born equal. On Millionhere, that's how it stays. The platform provides equal opportunity to all its authorized registered users to participate in real money skill gaming competitions. The only thing that can make someone win is their superior skills, Not unfair or unjust benefit, advantage or favour. The same set of rules, restraints and challenges apply to all.

Disclosure of Rules

There is no fine print. All the embedded rules and regulations for each competition as provided by Millionhere will be made known to all the players before they play.

Declaration of Winners

What's the joy in winning and not letting the world know. Also, it is equally important for others to know who has won, especially if they have played too. That's why every single winner on Millionhere, once declared, is there for all to see. Players also know the scoring patterns, the applicable cash prizes or product prizes, and also the number of players allowed in each tournament along with the number of players that will end up winning. Finally, winnings are promptly processed and credited into the user’s Vault in the app.

No Employees

Everybody has a choice. They can either work for the hottest gaming platform. Or they can play on it. To ensure the integrity all the employees of Millionhere, they are strictly prohibited to participate and play in any real money skill gaming tournament on Millionhere.

Responsible Play

We are confident that Millionhere will be among the most exciting gaming platforms. And that's exactly why we promote responsible gaming, and take many, many steps to counter Problem/Gaming.

Please click here to know more about Responsible and Fair Play Gaming on Millionhere.

Safety Inside

Just how children play without care, we are hoping to build a platform that is equally safe from online hazards. Authorized users are advised not to upload any kind of files with damaging contents like viruses, worms, spywares, or corrupted data, that vandalizes other players. Malicious and unethical activities like hacking, phishing, cheating, collusion, distributing counterfeit software or entities equals in magnitude to theft as it creates an unsafe environment for everyone and is completely prohibited. Millionhere users indulging in any of these activities will suffer a penalty of their accounts being blocked and terminated immediately without any prior notice.

Please click here to know more about Responsible and Fair Play Gaming on Millionhere.

Know Your Customer

Verified Users Only

We make sure every player plays against verified users only. Users are required to verify their accounts and furnish their valid and government authorized ID proof like PAN card, and AADHAAR card along with Bank Account details [also known as "Mandatory Information Documents" under the Terms & Conditions] prior to withdrawal of the earned prize money or claim the product prize. These essential details are further consolidated, sorted and verified by the respective authorities.

No Underage Players

Kids should be in the playground, not on mobile platforms. We don't allow players under the age of 18 to engage in any real money skill gaming tournament.

Protection of User Information

Millionhere users trust us in accordance to their personal and private information related to essential documents like AADHAAR CARD, PAN card, and Bank Account details. We, at Millionhere, justify their trust on us in high reverence. We never ever disclose this information, shared with us by our users, with any outside party. The sole purpose of this information is for user verification only.


Secure Data Vault

You keep your phone safe. We will take care of everything else for your Millionhere account. All the necessary security management policies and standards are decreed as an important part of Millionhere’s operations to protect its customers and business. Millionhere is committed to deliver state-of- the-art security cover and is prone to regular audits in order to review, maintain and update the security features in near future.

2-step Authentication

Because one step is never enough. As an added security feature of almost all the login web portals and mobile apps, along with the password, Millionhere prompts for a One Type Password or OTP every time a user makes a login to his / her account or attempts to sign in from a new device. This OTP or code is sent to the registered phone via SMS or displayed by the OTP Gateway for IPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone, and is valid for a few minutes only. The authentication scheme protects the user accounts against a diversified range of online attacks and mitigates the threat of insecure or shared password being leaked.

Payment Security

To make you play with confidence, we ensure you play without a doubt in your mind. All payments on Millionhere are secure and protected. We do not store any user’s credit card, debit card or 3rd party wallet payment related information on our server and take the utmost precautionary measures to make sure the payments and the related information provided by the user remains concealed. Trustworthy third party payment gateways appended with 3-D secure authentication are utilized to ensure the maximum safety and security of all the financial transactions.


If we had encrypted this as well as we encrypt your data, nobody would have managed to read this. That's the key aspect of online security. Simply put, it means that information shared with Millionhere by its users remains encrypted and cannot be read across the Internet. 256-bit SSL encryption is provided on all pages of the payment system of Millionhere that is constantly monitored and maintained by a team of advanced analysts. These analysts utilize tech-savvy tools and respond to threat reports promptly against collusion and any type of fraudulent activity.

RNG Certified

Just like our players, we too are unaware of the games being played or in what sequence, or by whom. All thanks to RNG or Random Number Generator. A solution that ensures the even distribution of random numbers and/or sequences where it is near to impossible to discover any sequence or relationship in any way. RNG solution is itself unaware of what is going on in the game, therefore, whenever the game makes a request for a random number and/or sequence, RNG has no idea of whose chance it is to play nor how the game is being played. RNG is the ultimate impartial tool. And so are we.

No Bots

The world may be going crazy about bots. But we are all about real people. And real people alone. Millionhere is committed towards the detection and prevention of software codes that are designed to enable AI (Artificial Intelligence) entities to play on its app. It is advisable to Millionhere users to refrain themselves from getting involved in any such activity of using AI modules otherwise as an imposition of strict penalty, and accounts being terminated permanently.

While you're reading. Someone's winning.